Traveling Man

Beaty Bar's drab, beige exterior received quite the facelift in the name of mani's and pedi's. "Cherry, Have It All" was painted by Mr. Mural, Michael McPheeters in April, 2018. The mural celebrates the launch of the Cherry app, a Dallas-based tech startup from Amber Venz Box and Whitney Wolfe Herd. Box is the president and cofounder of rewardStyle and, while Herd launched Tinder and founded Bumble in Dallas. 

The fruit-filled mural is the latest from McPheeters, who is frequently called on for commissioned works across the city. 



2600 Swiss Ave, Dallas, TX 75204



Artist: Brad Oldham
Title: Traveling Man - Walking Tall
Installed: 2009
Medium: Sculpture
Neighborhood: Deep Ellum
Ownership: Needs Citation
Donor: DART
Citations: Explore Dallas Art Research

Artist Profile

Known as Mr. Mural, Michael McPheeters work can be seen in almost every Dallas neighborhood. 

Instagram: @bradoldhamsculpture
Facebook: Brad Oldham Sculpture

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