Sam’s Club Now

Sam's Club tapped Dallas artist Michael McPheeters to create a mural on the side of its new concept, Sam’s Club Now, depicting a mashup of Dallas city life and Texas, with familiar images that range from the red Pegasus flying horse to a field of bluebonnets.

Some of the city's most recognizable architecture is also featured: Reunion Tower lights up a skyline scene, with Bank of America Plaza and 500 Record rising in the mix.



Sam’s Club Now
2218 Greenville Ave, Dallas, TX 75206



Artist: Michael McPheeters
Title: Sam’s Club Now
Installed: April 2018
Medium: Mural
Neighborhood: Lower Greenville
Ownership: Sam’s Club
Citations: Explore Dallas Art Research

Artist Profile

Known as Mr. Mural, Michael McPheeters work can be seen in almost every Dallas neighborhood. 

Instagram: @michaelmcpheeters

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More About the Art

McPheeters caught the eye of Sam's Club after painting a mural for Barry's Bootcamp in Uptown Dallas. That led to a follow-up mural he painted at a San Fransisco location of the gym chain. An executive at Sam's Club attended a class there, was impressed with the work, and began following McPheeters on Instagram.

Texan images in the mural include the flag, cowboys, a longhorn, and wind turbines lining the horizon.

The mural also cleverly references several art installations in Dallas, including The Eye, the giant eyeball sculpture by Tony Tasset in downtown Dallas; and Waiting on a Train, one portion of the Traveling Man series of sculptures sprinkled throughout Deep Ellum from artist Brad Oldham.