Flower Phones

In early 2018, believed to be on Valentine's Day, the first Flower Phone sprouted at Live Oak and Skillman sporting a bright pink heart. In the following months, more old pay phones have been transformed into a floral appeal that has caught the attention of East Dallas. 

Residents took to social media to share the quirky neighborhood art that appears overnight, then local media picked up on the pay phone flowers. There are Flower Phone installations at Strangeways on Fitzhugh and Tellulah and HESS on Live Oak. 



Various Locations
Lower Greenville - 1701 Skillman St.
Lakewood - 5810 Live Oak St.
Belmont Park - 2429 N Fitzhugh Ave.


Artist: anonymous
Title: Flower Phones
Installed: 2018
Medium: Pop Art
Neighborhood: East Dallas
Ownership: unknown
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