Why I created Explore Dallas Art

Howdy, I'm Micah Moore, and I'm proud to introduce Explore Dallas Art, a project devoted to local artists. The idea for a public art directory and blog came about earlier this year during a brainstorming session to reconnect with and pursue my passion of storytelling. And, there are plenty of stories to tell right here. 

By nature, public art is meant to be accessible and open to everyone, but that is not the case here. The city's street and highway network, among other factors, divide neighborhoods making it nearly impossible to discover new street art and emerging artists. Here, we strive to make art from all corners of Dallas accessible for everyone to enjoy through our comprehensive public art directory. In time, we'll release neighborhood guides to highlight notable works and hidden gems for you to discover in every corner of Dallas.

The city's landscape is ever changing, so too is its public art. Buildings graced with murals are demolished, statues are hoisted and sculptures become too burdensome to maintain. There is currently no one digitally preserving every art installation and help paint a picture of Dallas' artistic past. Until now...

Explore Dallas Art has a lofty vision serving the art community: 

  • To publish a complete catalogue of Dallas public art
  • To spotlight local artists in each of Dallas’ neighborhoods.
  • To build a profitable online store that enriches local artists
  • To advocate and fundraise for preservation and expansion of the public art collection.
  • To advocate for arts education by providing resources for teachers and parents

We know we have much work to do to reach these goals, and I'm glad to have you along for the journey. 

Keep exploring!

- Micah 

Micah Moore