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This directory currently lists artists with work in East Dallas. As Explore Dallas Art catalogues more of the city, this list will be updated to evolve to a comprehensive database.

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Artists A-Z

Elizabeth Akamatsu, Star Fire
Briks, Mural at Wabi House
Russ Connell, Stella
Art Fairchild, Boodle, Traction
Kate Firth, Payback
Art  Garcia, Texas Bluestem
Half Dead Crew, Half Dead Crew Mural
Larry Harmon, Untitled (sculpture)
Andres Jojola, Murals at Lucky 7 Cycle Shop
D.  McGregor, Centrury Glass Cosmos
Michael McPheeters, Cherry, Have It All, Ball and Chain
J. Brough Miller, Descending Spheres, Malthusian Conception
Minus, City of Dollars, Taxes
Mr. Kiji, Pattern Play Mural
Daniel Munoz, Tonatiuh
Nic Noblique, Civilization Unbound
Brad Oldham, The Traveling Man, Whimsey
Ozone, One-Eyed Mouse
Mariel Pohlman, A Space to Be Yourself, Mural at Fiction Coffee
Leon Bridges Mural (temporary), Lee Harvey Oswald Forgive Your Enemies,
Albert T. Scherbarth, Cecil, age 12
Sour Grapes, Century Glass Mural, Lakewood Elementary Mural
Erika Thorton, Pretty Diver Murals

Anonymous and Unknown Artists

Anonymous, Defend 214
Anonymous, Flower Phone
Unknown, Blue Floral Skull
Unknown, Cartoon Bear
Unknown, Children with Orb
Unknown, Drive In Theater Marker
Unknown, Five Senses Mosaic
Unknown, Libertine Mural
Unknown, Mario Pokestop
Unknown, Monarch Mural Mosaic
Unknown, Queen City
Unknown, Red Bird Sculpture
Unknown, Savage Park Obelisk
Unknown, untitled (ominous ceremony mural)
Unknown, Wobbly Bird (sculpture)
Unknown, Woman Mural
Unknown, unknown (mural, Whipper Snapper)
Helen Vachon, Solarscope
Walker, Lucille (Mural, Lakewood Landing)